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bill: i don't remember that sound. they say it was legit. game over for atari feeling for bankruptcy. it blames tough economic conditions, a lack of development tpupbgd. atari's debt may reached 50 million. of it only has ten million in assets. steve jobs worked for atari in the 19 70s. martha: what happened to him after that. bill: he did all right. martha: let's go to the national cathedral. we have a nice shot of the president, mrs. obama, mrs. biden and joe biden in the front row of the national cathedral.
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the prayer service is historically, traditionally the closing ceremony of the inaugural festivities and that is underway right now. bill: after a late night last night back at it today. we will watch that ceremony. make it a terrific day. stay warm in you're out in the arctic chill. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. martha: buy everybody, see you tomorrow. jon: right now brand-new stories and breaking news. the threat is real for millions of americans treacherous road conditions, frigid temperatures, and now a new winter storm looming. what you need to know before heading out. plus a common household painkiller now linked to eye problems. what a new study says about a drug in your medicine cabinet that might increase the risk of going blind. and this boat does go over the edge of this dam, the only question for these two fishermen, will they go with it? it's all happening now.
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good morning to you on this tuesday, with only weeks left on the job secretary of state hillary clinton about to face tough questions on capitol hill, this as congress tries to get to the bottom of the deadly terror attacks in our consulate in libya. good morning i'm jon scott. >> reporter: hello, everyone i'm arthe arthel nevel in for jenna lee. hillary clinton will give her account of what happened when four lives were taken in libya. she was due to testify earlier but had to postpone due to a healthcare. jennifer griffin is live at the state department. what are the biggest unanswered questions that secretary clinton will face tomorrow from the house and senate foreign affair committees? >> reporter: there are so many unanswered questions. for one fox news has learned from senior defense officials that the state department asked a fast team of marines who were being sent from rota, spain to
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deplane off of their plane and change out of their military aoup forms int uniforms inch and change into civilian clothes. that delayed their time. they were being tenth to tripoli, not to benge so they would not have saved any lives that night. what that indicates is reluctance to send in military help that night, and i think that is a question that secretary hillary clinton will be asked by the foreign affairs and the senate foreign affairs committee tomorrow on capitol hill. we also understand this was a decision by secretary of state clinton, and state department undersecretary of management patrick kennedy not to send a team or mobilize the counterterrorism community group or csg. these are composed of experts on terrorism across government agencies and make recommendations to the deputies who assist the president's cabinet in formulating a response to crises involving
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terrorism. there was an attempt from the outset it seems by officials at the state department and elsewhere to downplay this as a terrorist attack against americans and it's not clear why, because these teams, and the fast team of marines from rota, spain were not sent to benghazi. as a result the f.b.i. could not enter the benghazi consulate for 24 days. that prevented them from doing crucial work on the ground in benghazi that would have helped them get to the bottom of who was responsible for this attack. >> reporter: what remaining questions do you have about the conclusions of the accountability review board, that is a committee headed by admiral mike mullen and former ambassador thomas pickering about mistakes made in benghazi. >> reporter: wong of the recommendone of the questions we have is they say they interviewed 100 witnesses and officials who were involved that night in the benghazi response, but in recent weeks we've spoken
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to two different members of the cia/grs team srels srels diplomatic service. they say they were not given access to all of those involved in the rescue that night. we also know from some of those who were on the ground in tripoli that night, some of those who were part of the rescue team, that they were told when they took off from trip low to benghazi that there would be, quote, fast fliers above, that is a reference to air support that was supposed to be above benghazi when they arrived. that air support was never permitted to go into libya. there were question marks among members of those rescue teams as to why air support wasn't sent that night. we also -- if you listen to what the accountability review board
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concluded, however, they said, quote, the board members believe every possible effort was made to rescue and recover ambassador christopher stevens and shaun smith. the interagency response was time will he and appropriate but there simply was not enough time for armed military assets to make a difference. that was a broad conclusion but if you didn't talk to all of those that were on the ground that night i'm not sure how you could conclude that. there are questions that secretary clinton will face about what the white house knew, and what the white house team did that night of the benghazi attack, how much did they participate in the decision making that night. >> reporter: jennifer griffin thank you very much for that report. jon: for more on this we are joined by bob cusack managin managing editor for the hill. euflt is likely to be secretary linton's last major act as secretary of state and prob probably her last testimony before congress. what is at stake for her, bob.
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>> this was going to take place earlier but she had health issues. this is going to be a big spotlight on hillary clinton. you have a policy implication of who knew what when. did she talk to the president, did the president watch the video feed. did hillary clinton watch the video feed as this attack was going on. in the backdrop you have politics, you have 2016. a lot of people think hillary clinton will run, a lot of people want her on the democratic side to run. these are key hearings for hillary clinton. jon: you think this is not sort of the swan song of an outgoing secretary of state, this is potentially damaging testimony to a potential presidential candidate? >> republicans are certainly going to go after her and ask her tough questions, and hillary clinton has said she's not going to run for president before. bill clinton certainly has kept that door open that she might run. there is no doubt about it. 2016 is a longtime away, if you're going to run for president have you to start thinking about that in a year,
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year and a half. there is no doubt about it there is a question this could hamper a potential 2016 bid be. jon: the accountability review board found systemic failures at all levels the state department. she has larr already already essentially accepted responsibility for what happened. how much can she say here that won't land all of this in her lap? >> i think because of that probe, and the fact that hillary clinton accepted the findings, is that she is going to have to admit there were mistakes made here, and clearly there were and move forward as far as how that this be prevented in the future. she is committed to more security around the world at embassies and consulates. i think that's what she is going to be saying, is that clearly there were mistakes made, but republicans are going to keep pressing her. i think another issue that is going to come up is algeria, that attack, why wasn't the u.s. notified that the algerian forces were going to go in. that is going to be part of the mix as well. jon: lots of questions, obviously about the military
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response or lack there of. the lack of mounting a rescue effort. maybe we'll get some answers. let's hope owe. bob cusack, thank you. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill are playing their version of let's make a deal over the debt ceiling. tomorrow the republican-controlled house expected to vote on a bill allowing the government to borrow money through may 18th. but they want something in return. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live in washington with the details. what is the latest? >> reporter: as part of raising the debt ceiling the house republicans will demand that the senate pass a budget with spending cuts included and will try to force getting it done by april 15th. a short time ago the top senate republican issued this call to action. >> and so it's my hope that the president will finally be willing to do what republicans have been asking him to do since his first inauguration four years ago and that is to work with us on identifying durable solutions to the problems that we can only solve together.
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to put aside those things we know we can't agree on and focus on what we can agree on. and we should start with spending and debt. because if we don't get a handle on that nothing else matters. >> reporter: bottom line republicans recognize this raising the debt ceiling issue isn't a very good one for them. working on deficit and spending budget is better for them. >> reporter: what do democrats say about passing a budget today. >> reporter: chuck schumer said the senate would pass a budget this year. the battle will be over spending cuts and what is included in that very budget. yesterday with the top congress alleaders at his inaugural luncheon president obama called for working together. >> i recognize that democracy is not always easy, and i recognize there are profound differences in this room, but i just want to say thank you for your service, and i want to thank your families for their service,
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because regardless of our political persuasions and perspectives, i know that all of us serve because we believe that we can make america for future generations. >> reporter: first challenge will be that debt ceiling vote tomorrow the first of many fiscal issues to be tackled in this new term. >> reporter: let the games begin. mike emanuel, thank you very much. what is the likelihood of a senate budget resolution. coming up minutes from now we'll speak to one senator who filed a balanced budget amendment today, republican senator mike lee of utah joins us. jon: an extreme weather alert for you with a nor easter on the way to the northeast that could bring maybe a foot of snow or more to some spots, as arctic air grips a big chunk of the country sending temperatures plunging into the single digits and windchills dropping to way below zero. maria molina live in the fox weather center. nasty stuff out there maria. >> reporter: yeah, jon we have a possible storm on friday across the northeast that will be
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bumping some snow. we have to deal with lake-effect-snow downward of the great lakes, that could produce one to three feet of snow. cleveland could see about a foot of it with lake-effect-snow warnings in effect. what sets the stage for the no effect is cold air mass from canada which has impacted portions of the midwest, great lakes and the east. these are your t-l temperatures. right now it's 20 degrees below zero in international falls. 7 below zero in the city of minneapolis. you factor in the wind and it feels even colder. it feels right now like 33 degrees below zero in national falls. it's dangerous, you're talking about frostbite and hype tow thaoerpl yeah if you don't properly bundle up. these temperatures are so extreme that parts of minnesota delayed the start of school or canceled school today. you know it's really bad when minnesota is so used to the cold is canceling school out there. in fargo 9 degrees below zero it
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what it feels like as you head outdoors. the i-95 corridor dealing with the owe cold as well. it feels like 7 right now. in philadelphia, interior sections of the northeast looking at cold temperatures, it feels like 6 degrees below zero in the city of syracuse. because we have a risk for frostbite and hype though thermyeah, we have warnings that are in effect across sections of new england, parts of the great lakes and sections of the upper midwest and this cold air will be sticking around not just today but even over the next several days. take a look at tomorrow,s i-95 corridor you don't get out of the 20s in new york city or d.c. 17 for the high in boston. thursday, more of the same chill, very cold out there 19 in boston and in the teens in the city of buffalo. otherwise, jon as i mentioned we have that lake-effect-snow already ramping up across secs of upstate new york and also northwestern pennsylvania. jon. jon: maria molina, thank you.
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>> reporter: you know it's cold when the folks in minnesota -- jon: cancel school. yes. >> reporter: police are trying to unravel a murder mystery when a philadelphia doctor is found side up and on fire inside her own home. the latest on this developing story. pwoeupbg's multi-million dollar plane the dreamliner grounded as federal investigators trying to determine what is behind several problems. the latest as their investigation now head overseas.
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arthel: brand-new information on the federal investigation into problems plaguing boeing's new flagship plane the 787 dreamliner. federal investigators now looking into the company behind the plane's lithium eye on batteries. this is all dreamliners in
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service around the world remain grounded. dan springer is live in seattle. this thing seems to be going back and forth. what do we know about the investigations. >> reporter: investigators with the national transportation safety board are in orale valley, arizona conducting tests on the charger that had the fire. though released a statement saying the battery had not been overcharged. when you look at the picture much it you can tell clearly it overheated. they will try to pinpoint the problem. we have a camera outside of the company that made the charger for the deem liner. they will be doing a number of tests to see if it is working properly. remember in the boston fire it was the abg sill repower unit, the back up bath row that overheated and caught fire. it sits in the back of the plane and provides power when the engines are off.
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the path rethat overheated and led to the emergency landing of the japan airlines flight was in the front of the airplane. >> reporter: now i airplane. arthel: now it seems that the japanese and u.s. authorities are having different investigations going on. >> reporter: they are coordinating but going in different tracks. japanese officials seem to be focusing on the battery manufacturer. the batteries were made in japan. a boeing source tells me that the serial numbers of the two batteries that overheated are very close together, so the initial thought, or the hope was that it was a bad batch of batteries. as the investigation moves along i'm told that appears less likely. the source says investigators have not found any anomalies yet, plus the two planes were assembled about a year apart. the u.s. investigation meantime is focusing more on the entire electrical system and how the lithium eye on batteries factor in. way back in 2007 during the certification process the faa was concerned about the lit tee um battery because they are prone to overheating and tphaoeurs. a former boeing executive is
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firing back at the faa and the ntsb foregrounding the 787 fleet. he told the seattle times it was quote, heavy handed, draconian and way beyond what needs to be done to protect the public. he left boeing to become the ceo of continental airlines so he is certainly sensitive to what the airlines are going through, they are taking a big hit financially as these planes remain out of service. arthel: dan springer quite complicated. jon: she is accused of killing her exlover in a murderous rage. this woman faces a possible death sentence. when she is not in court she is busy doing something else. what occupies her time in her jail cell that apparently is raking in the dough. a balanced budget amendment was filed today. how do they plan to convince
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jon: right now, new information on crime stories we are keeping an eye on. medical examiners performing and autopsy today on a doctor found dead in her ow own basement in philadelphia on monday. her body was so burned it was unrecognizable. no arrests have been made. >> a trial set today for a pastor charged of bludgeoning his wife to death. he admits to cheating on her but denies killing her. he faces separate charges he killed his first wife in 1999. police reveal new information about the new mexico teen who allegedly confessed to killing his parents and siblings. police say the 15-year-old took a rifle from his parents' closet and killed his mom, brothers and
8:25 am
sisters, then hid for several hours, eventually shooting his father when he returned home from work. arthel: jon right now she is in court facing the possibility of the death penalty over allegations she committed a horrendous crime. but online artwork by this accused murderer is fetching a pretty penny rick folbaum now in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: i guess she's got a lot of time on her hands, i'm no art critic but it does seem she has some talent. this one is done with colored pencils. bidders on ebay have forked over hundreds of dollars for this. you can see the detail there. this is another one she has done. this is one of grace kelly, and this is an unnamed model. two other jailhouse sketches done by jodi arias going to go on sale according to an anonymous person selling them on her behalf. all profits go to her family's
8:26 am
expenses traveling to the trials and money for jodi so she can eat better food than what she eats in jail. she is charged with the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend, travis, alexander back in 2008. prosecutors say in a fit of jealousy and rage she shot and stabbed him. her lawyers are set to present their case to the jury next week. >> reporter: very interesting she is complaining about the food in jail. okay, thank you, rick. jon: you know, millions of americans plan their budgets every year, but it has been nearly four years since the democrat-controlled senate did the same. now republicans are trying to apply some new pressure to get the senate budget resolution passed. our next guest says it is just not enough to pass a budget, it has to be balanced as well. republican senator mike lee of
8:27 am
utah joins us now. he just filed a bill pushing that amendment. senator lee sits on the joint economic and armed services committee. a balanced budget amendment in a thumbnail sketch, what would it do, senator
8:28 am
>> it is all the more reason for us to do this pause, with or without a budget, this amendment would require us to not spend anymore than we take in unless we can come up with a 2/3 supermajority vote. jon: did you hear anything in the president's inaugural address yesterday that suggested he might be on poured with your idea? i can't say that i did. >> i was listening closely if he might plug the balanced budget amendment.
8:29 am
alas i was disappointed and i did not. jon: campaigning for office the first time around he was complaining about the $9 trillion of debt we had at that point and saying it was un-american and the wrong thing to leave to our children and grandchildren. now we're at 16 trillion. when is this thing going turn around? >> that's right. we need it to turn around. it was on that very basis then senator obama voted against an effort to raise the debt limit. we need to turn it around. the way we turn it around to permanent structural spending reform like a balanced budget amendment. that's what we need her. jon: chuck schumer, fellow democrat senator from new york, said on sunday shows looks like the senate might come up with a budget resolution. it includes tax increases. is that the way to solve this thing. >> no, tax increases are not going to solve our problem. ultimately what we have not a revenue problem or a tax problem although our tax code is bloated and distorted and not necessarily complex. we're not going to solve
8:30 am
this problem through additional revenue, we'll solve it by change the way we spend money. jon: senator lee. wish you well. it would be interested to see if the balanced budget amendment makes it through this time. i have my doubts. but again, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> something you probably have in your medicine cabinet right now could be a real danger to your eyesight. the brand new study linking a common painkiller to an increased risk of blindness that is coming up next. plus israelis heading to the polls today. will benjamin netanyahu win another term and how the election results for our closest ally in the middle east could affect the region. >> plus what it means for an impending showdown with iran. we'll go inent did and...what!!?? an article that says a typical family pays $155,000 in "wall street" fees on their 401(k)s? seriously? seriously. you don't believe it? search it, "401k 155k."
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uma: fox news alert. firefighters on the scene of a three-alarm fire. that is in a three-store residence in lin, massachusetts. this is 10 miles north of downtown boston. firefighters are on the scene battling the blaze. we will have more details as we get them. jon: a brand new study links the use of aspirin to an increase risk of blindness. risk is live at the breaking news desk with that. rick? >> this is an important story and we're tracking it down in the newsroom. macular degeneration is
8:35 am
major cause of blindness once people turn 50. there is study you just alluded to that people who take aspirin regularly over a long period of time, have a higher risk of developing macular degeneration than those who do not. the study done by scientists in australia over a 15 year period of time. doctors will commonly prescribe aspirin for certain patients to protect them from heart attacks or stroke. that has helped to make aspirin one of the most widely used drugs all over the world. so this new warning is going to generate headlines, but we're being told, don't stop taking your aspirin just yet. the editor of the medical journal in this country that published the study says that more research is needed before doctors should start rethinking whether or not to prescribe aspirin for their patients. so keep an eye on this story. and we'll bring you new developments as we get it. back to you. jon: potentially affecting a lot of people. rick, thank you. uma: election day right now for our strongest ally in
8:36 am
the middle east as folks across israel head to the polls and prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expected to get another term which could set up a showdown with iran because mr. netanyahu said in the past that he wants to make the rogue's nation's nuclear ambitions his top priority. joining us, ambassador dan gillerman, former israeli ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. mr. ambassador, looks like netanyahu is expected to be reelected but without vigorous support which i want to ask you what this might mean for his next term, his third term as prime minister as well as the politics he faces, the challenges at home and also how this will affect the establishment of a palestinian state and the peace process? >> well, as you said, israelies are going to the polls right now. the voting will end in just under three hours.
8:37 am
and we'll probably have the results in a few hours. but it does look as if netanyahu's party will win the largest number of seats but still they will whip just over a quarter of the seats in the knesset, the israeli parliament. which means they will have to form, netanyahu, even if he does win will have to form a coalition. looks as if at the moment if the coalition building will be very difficult and he will have to rely on several smaller parties to gain a majority in the parliament. this will not really guaranty a very strong and solid government in the years to come. you know i was watching the inauguration yesterday and following your elections very closely and regardless of whether you voted for or against, or didn't vote for president obama, you now have an administration for four years. you know exactly when your next elections are going to be. this is not the case in
8:38 am
israel. and we may actually find ourselves having another election in a year or two because this government does not look as if it is going to be very solid. that reflects also on your questions regarding iran. you need a very strong unity government in order to take a bold decision such as striking iran. and therefore, i, i'm not sure what the results of this election mean as far as that the very, very crucial decision is concerned. uma: ambassador, you mentioned iran. i know that the people of israel, they're concerned about their economy, but iran is definitely up there front and center, and the meeting between the u.n. nuclear watch dog and iran has been pushed back by a day. it will be on february 13th, perhaps another stall tactic. will netanyahu become more aggressive toward iran and could we expect to see more unilateral decisions with respect to iran? >> i believe prime minister
8:39 am
netanyahu is dedicated and committed to stopping iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. and time indeed is running out. we believe that by the summer it may be too late. so what we're looking at is actually the spring, maybe, june at the latest, when a decision will have to be made. we still hope that the diplomacy will play its role. we still hope that sanctions will work. but if they don't, i believe that prime minister netanyahu will make sure and will keep his word that he will not allow iran to become nuclear. he will not be willing to be the prime minister during the second holocaust of israel. he is very committed to that. but in order to do that he would need a very strong coalition, very, very strong relations and good relations with the united states, and cooperation with the united states and other countries in order to make sure that evil regime in iran does not
8:40 am
become nuclear. >> let's talk about the relationship with the united states. president obama is already in his second term. if netanyahu wins his third terrell do you expect their relationship to remain, well, as frosty? >> well the relationship between president obama and prime minister netanyahu has been pretty tense over the last four years and i'm not sure that there is a love affair between the two but then diplomacy, politics, foreign relations are not really about love affairs. they are about common interests. i believe there is a come machine interest between the united states and israel in many, many areas including the will and the wish to stop iran. but what i do believe will be very necessary for the prime minister and the president to meet as quickly as possible, as soon as an israeli government is formed for the israeli prime minister to go to the white house, to sit across the
8:41 am
table or sit with the president of the united states, hopefully just the two of them, look each other in the eye, tell each other what they intend to do, what they can do, what they can't do, what the road lines are and try and find a way to work together because they must work together not only to prevent iran from becoming nuclear but to make our whole region safer and better place to live in. uma: ambassador dan gillerman, thank you very much for your analysis. jon: the house you know is at biggest investment most americans will ever make. so now new information on the health of the housing market in this country. what the latest numbers mean for your bottom line. also it is not a question of if this boat goes over the dam but when. the fate of these two fishermen who quickly found themselves in a very dangerous situation. that's next.
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arthel: new next hour, targeting terror as al qaeda spreads to new areas. how drone strikes figure into the president's plan. fallout from al gear's hard-line response to the hostage crisis at the natural gas plant there. where dozens of hostages were killed including three americans. we're live with that story. new developments in the gun debate as inmates at one jail share where they got their weapons and weigh in whether arming citizens would make a difference. jon: you know, fishing is supposed to be a way to forget your worries and your cares but check this out. two fishermen find themselves in a very dangerous spot. brothers gary and greg cherry, dangling over the enof a dam in tennessee for three hours. the trouble started when the boat's motor stalled. the strong current pushed them right up to the brink but the same motor that failed them also saved them you might say because the tailfin dangling below the prop managed to grab the dam,
8:46 am
giving rescuers enough time to eventually get the brothers onto another boat before theirs went over the edge. we are told they are okay. their boat only sustained minor damage. whoa. arthel: yeah. same thing. that is nail-biter. glad they're okay. this just in. brand new numbers on the housing front. with existing home sales report showing a big jump over last year, rising more than 9% to the highest level in five years. but sales are still below what consistently, what is consistent with a healthy market and another report indicate there may be trouble ahead. uh-oh. chief washington correspondent james rosen here to break down all the numbers for us live in d.c. james, what is going on here? report or the --. >> reporter: arthel, good afternoon. as always last few years the always crucial housing sector presents us with a mixed bag pent-up demand and limited inventory arep proing up the housing sector. by one measure we're seeing the lowest housing supply
8:47 am
since 2005. experts cite mortgage rates which remain as historically low levels. today's report by the national association of realtors shows existing home sales declined in december but are flying higher than a year ago. the same survey shows median home prices are up almost 12% over one year ago. there is the national association of homebuilders wells fargo survey. it shows builder confidence has flat-lined after eight consecutive months of growth. now it remains below 50%. that in turn will make you wonder how the commerce department could have reported last week that builders started new home construction in december at their fastest pace in 4 1/2 years. so we made nice graphics to show you all of that but tying it up in a pretty bow substantively is probably impossible, arthel. arthel: graphics which are very nice, if we average those numbers, does it seem like, broadly speaking james, that the trend are encouraging? >> that's what we're hearing, arthel. the chief con at the national association of
8:48 am
realtors said today in a statement and i quote, the number of potential buyers who stayed on the sidelines and a accumulated during the recession but they started entering the market early last year as their financial ability and confidence steadily grew along with home prices the chairman of the federal reserve, ben bernanke, speaking at the university of michigan last week also pointed to signs of recovery after a recession, we remind you, saw home prices plunge 30%. arthel: yeah. >> now for the first time really since 2007, 2006, we're starting to see increases in production, rising house prices. that will affect household wealth. that is one positive factor that will help us have a, i hope, a better year in 2013 and in 2014. >> reporter: one thing that stayed constant over the past year, first-time homebuyers account for nearly one-third of home sales. arthel. arthel: james let's hope it is good news overall because
8:49 am
folks need to regain equity in their homes. >> reporter: absolutely. arthel: james rosen, thank you very much. jon: have you heard about this? a new cold war is heating up as the u.s. races russia, oh, yeah, and great britain to find life under antarctica. what those discoveries could mean and the clues they might hold to life on other we'll go in depth, so to speak. a knock on the door turns into a harrowing ordeal for two kids but it made them both heroes. the incredible story next. >> and he was screaming, let me in. and then, we went kind of -- [inaudible] [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade.
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jon: an incredible story out of michigan where two kids who were home alone answered a knock at the door and turned into heroes. watch. >> i opened the door and she
8:53 am
asked me, my parents are home. i told them no. she said, well a guy just kidnapped me, was going to try to kill me. jon: even though they were putting their lives at risk, they let in the 22-year-old college student. she told them she got away from her kidnapper by jumping out of a moving car. the kids locked the door and all hid in the bathroom. police say the guy she was apparently running from showed up at the house and set it on fire. the kids called their dad from the bathroom. he raced home to find the fire burning, the suspect long gone. the dad put out the flames. police who initially responded thought the dad was the suspect, but, everything got straightened out quickly. the kidnap victim has a broken arm. the kids were okay, and police did catch up with the suspect, a shootout ensued and that suspect was killed. arthel: a new cold war in the coldest place on earth with the u.s., russia and
8:54 am
great britain facing off in a race to find life under antarctica. montana state university heading up the u.s. project at lake willins, where they hope to uncover microbial life hidden under the frozen wasteland. scientists say it is like discovering another planet. the discoveries could lead to clues of what type of life is lurking in outer space and mars and other planets. i thought i needed to have documentary music under that. that is cool. i'm sorry. >> fair enough. i would too. arthel: so who is winning this race, if it is between the u.s., russia and great britain and what do they hope to find? >> i'm glad you said a race. it is not a war. we're not at war. it is exactly that. it is a race and battle to get to the bottom of the these lakes. looks like the u.s. is ahead. the russians made a big break through with their project last year. didn't find what they were looking for. the british project working
8:55 am
earlier this year encountered technical difficulties in december and we're really the only game looking for life in antarctica. arthel: we're showing these pictures, a lot of big machinery on the ice and became slushy snow. after all it is summer there. >> a balmy 20 degrees. arthel: yeah. >> it is fascinating. the ice cap over antarctica varies in thickness. two miles in some places. only a mile deep in other places. the lakes they are trying to dig into is only half a half mile deep and solid ice, frozen at negative 50 degrees fahrenheit. they have a ice drill that bore as tiny foot-wide hole straight into the water. when you get down there you see a place that has never seen sunlight a microbial community that never been exposed. they don't know what it is or whether there is oxygen in the water and what sort of life there is. arthel: if they find life down there, jeremy, then what? >> exposing a new form of life we've never seen.
8:56 am
one of the things scientists are always wondering about is there life elsewhere in the universe. there is life elsewhere on earth. it will give us indication what life on mars and venus and other moons and planets what life may look like. strange life forms we have never seen. arthel: while they're looking for life possibly they're looking for some sort of answers perhaps why the planet is getting warmer? >> yeah. they're learning about the planet warming the reason it is montana state, also these are geologist abouts, they're looking how the ice is shifting up there. one of the other big aspects of this project they're saying that the underwater lakes act a lubricant, weirdly enough the ice is shifting along on rocky under cropping of antarctica the a lot of aspects to the project. life, geology, a whole bunch of things are going on. arthel: this has been going on for a few years, right? the race, we're calling it is it over when someone discovers life or give up? >> it the request for knowledge. as soon as we learn
8:57 am
something certainly it is a successful project. you're right, they're all working together. a small community of scientists have been focused on antarctica. for years i've been following it myself for years. i find it incredibly fascinating hopefully --. arthel: why do you find it so fascinating? >> doledest place on earth. life that has never seen sunlight before. the magnitude of the project. this one's only a hole that is a mile deep but, or i'm sorry, a half mile deep. but the other holes were even deeper than that to get to these ice cores. it is fascinating. >> it is fascinate nating because it is not easy to get down there. quick question before i leave, how many microscopes did you have as a child? >> only one or two. arthel: thank you, jeremy cap plan. jon? jon: inaugurations fill americans with a sense of pride. some critics say the mainstream media coverage of the big event crossed a line. a fair and balanced look at that controversy. plus a former nfl cheerleader convicted of
8:58 am
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> reporter: hi, everybody, brand new hour straight ahead for you including more reaction to the president's inaugural speech yesterday as he laid out a liberal agenda. was it all part of a larger plan to destroy the gop? some are canning that question -- some are asking that question. also, as the white house pushes background checks on all gun purchases, did you ever wonder where criminals get their weapons? we did. we've got some surprising answers to that question. and did you hear the one about the former nfl cheerleader convicted of having sex with an underage boy? why this woman is suing a gossip web site and what it could mean for all gossip web sites. all that and breaking news as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. finish
9:02 am
arthel: president obama lays out his battle plan for the next four years. welcome to a brand new hour of "happening now," i'm arthel neville in for jenna lee. jon: good to have you here, i'm jon scott. the president unveiled a sweeping liberal agenda during yesterday's inaugural address, launching his second term with a call for action on some hot button issues like global warming, immigration reform, gun control and gay rights. let's talk about it with syndicated -- i'm sorry, syndicated columnist and fox news contributor charles krauthammer, who calls the speech an ode to liberalism and big government. >> remarkably, there's an absence of any mention of the economy, of deficits, of what outsiders would say is the great challenge of our time heading into over a cliff, a real cliff of debt into sort of a greek future. there is nothing of that in this speech. obama has zero interest in that,
9:03 am
and this was a declaration that his interest is to restore us to the liberal ascendancy of 60 years that reagan stopped. he gave us these three decades, and clinton in the middle of the three decades said in his '96 state of the union address the era of big government is over. the speech was a declaration was the era of big government is back, i'm the man who will do it. jon: now let's talk with bill kristol, is he right, is the era of big government back? >> well, if president obama has his way, it will be. i don't think he'll have his way. there's a republican house, and more or important, there's a reality. it is a striking speech. i mean, he is -- and i think useful and clarifying speech. i think conservatives who were complaining about it are missing the boat. this is very helpful to have president obama make clear that what he's in favor of is bigger government at home and retrenchment abroad.
9:04 am
those present clear choices, and i think, very clear dangers for the country, and it gives conservatives a very clear alternative to rally around, to rally against and a positive alternative to rally around. jon: so any belief that this is sort of a centrist president who wants to work with both sides of the aisle, you think that's all gone? >> on individual issues he may want to, and i think republicans should keep an open mind as a practical matter on immigration reform, whatever. fundamentally, charles said he didn't mention the debt, he mentioned the deficit once, he barely mentions economic growth or the private sector. think about foreign policy. he doesn't mention terrorism, jihaddism. a decade of war is ending. has anyone told the jihadists in algeria or the taliban in afghanistan? he didn't mention afghanistan, he didn't mention iran. how many times in his first term did president obama try to establish his bona fides as a tough guy by saying he would not let iran get nuclear weapons? not a word about it and, indeed,
9:05 am
almost the opposite, that engage empty's the way -- engagement's the way to handle problem abroad. jon: we are heirs to those who won the peace and not just the war who turned sworn enemies into the surest of friends. >> it really struck me. two things about it. first of all, we would not have won the peace of after world war ii if we hadn't win the wore. he got out of iraq, he's getting us out of afghanistan or, he seems not to want to confront jihadists or the iranian regime, so the idea you can win a peace without winning the war is delusional. but also that sentence, in particular he says they didn't just win the war, they won the peace, as if winning the war was kind of the easy thing. the tough thing was building nato afterwards. wasn't winning world war ii the tough thing? i think it's a revealing little insight into his mind that deep down all this war stuff, that was kind of in the past, and sometimes you had to do it, but that's not really what a real statesman of the 21st century does.
9:06 am
international engagement and avoid war at all costs. jon: some have suggested that the policies he pushed or emphasized like, you know, expanding gay marriage, for instance, don't cost anything, don't take money out of the federal budget. >> well, that might be true in some case cans, but again there, i mean, he makes that sound as if there's a universal consensus in the united states that gay rights is of the same standing as the civil rights movement from selma to stonewall. wasn't president obama himself not in favor of gay marriage until six months ago? do you have to believe in same-sex marriage if you believe in the principles of the declaration of independence? i don't think so. i don't think most americans think that's just obviously the right thing to be for if you believe in the american declaration of independence and constitution. jon: always good to get your insights. bill kristol from "the weekly standard," thank you. arthel? arthel: we have a fox news extreme weather alert now as an arctic blast creates dangerous conditions across the country.
9:07 am
police in ohio blaming sudden snow bursts for triggering a deadly chain reaction pile-up near cincinnati. one person died and at least 20 others were rushed to the hospital, some in critical condition. officers at the scene say there may have been 86 cars involved in that crash. while a separate crash in the same area damaged up to 50 more cars. the snow causing horrible conditions there, in new york as well, in our lawyer. police blaming the snow here for several accidents. the roads accumul inches of snow per hour. at one point officers had to close a major highway. and temperatures plunging into the single digits in chicago. it is the coldest weather the region has seen nearly two years. the macy's across from lake michigan is reporting cashiers are having a hard time keeping up with customers buying jackets and other clothes to try to stay warm. so where exactly is all this winter weather heading?
9:08 am
meteorologist janice dean, you're live in the fox news extreme weather center and very busy. what gives, janice? >> reporter: this is old school winter. in some cases, arthel, we're seeing temperatures we haven't seen in four or five years. so, yes, it's cold, it's dangerously cold in a lot of these areas. people are urged to stay indoors. international falls, these are wind chills, so that's the air temperature combine with the the arctic wind that is coming from the north, so -19 it feels like in minneapolis, -22 in green bay, -29 in international falls, -9 in detroit, and all of that is pushing towards the eastern great lakes, the northeast region where it feels like 9 here in new york, -4 in syracuse, -7 in pittsburgh, 10 in d.c. this is going to kind of stick with us for much of the workweek, so get used to it, because it's going to be here for the next several days. wind chill advisories, where you see the warnings, it feels like 35-50 below, so that's very dangerous. you could easily get hypothermia, freeze bite if you
9:09 am
head outside for a very short period of time. in the areas that you see the advisories, the watches, 10-20 below freezing in those spots, so that's what it feels like. and that's going to continue throughout the workweek. our rate over the last 24 hours pushing across the relatively warm great lakes, still not frozen, we're going to see feet of snow pileup along erie, michigan, as well as superior, so 6-12 inches, isolated amounts of 1-3 feet and, arthel, we are also watching the potential for a snowstorm later on this week. this is one of our computer models we watched friday kind of developing across the ohio river valley pushing across the big cities. i-95 corridor north of d.c. there could be snow, plowable snow, areas that haven't seen a lot this winter. back to you. arthel: janice dean, thank you very much. >> reporter: okay. jon: algeria is defending its
9:10 am
hard-line response to a hostage crisis at a natural gas plant. more than 35 hostages were killed in what was supposed to be a rescue attempt. three of them americans. one of those killed, victor lovelady. the father of two from houston had been working at the plant for just ten days. his heart broken family speaking out. >> there's just so many. he played softball my whole life, and he was always there every game, every tournament. and, you know, i looked for him, and all the way through college he was there. he's just, i mean, there's so many memories, it's hard to pick a certain memory. it's just so many. but he's, i'm his -- i'm daddy's little girl. he was really wonderful. he was a wonderful dad. jon: dad goes overseas to earn a couple of bucks and winds up being murdered. greg talcott has more live from london. greg? >> reporter: hey, jon, yeah. we are still piecing together
9:11 am
the full american impact of that hostage taking by al-qaeda militants in algeria last week. as you noted, we know that three americans were killed. we also know that seven americans survived. military officials told me this morning that some were flown out of of algeria and arrived at a base in italy where they're being treated, those that are injured. others were flown into germany. what we don't know is whether any of them had transited through either of these two bases and gone on to the states. state department's being mum on that. we are hearing even more of their stories though. for example, the denver area man, oil worker steven, he hid from his captors for two-and-a-half days in a residential area of that gas complex. his last text home to denver? it's a terror attack. i'm okay now, and thank god he was. in addition to the 37 killed, algerian officials today are saying there are still five
9:12 am
hostages who are unaccounted for. the fear today is that some of them might have fled but are now wandering around the sahara desert which surrounds that complex. no more thans are believed in this -- no americans are believed in this final group. meanwhile, the u.s. now today officially involved in the fight being waged by france against an al-qaeda group, the al-qaeda group called al-qaeda in the islamic maghreb who is claiming responsibility for the algeria attack and who set up a base in the next door west african country of mali. i am told that u.s. transport planes along with those of other nations are now bringing french troops and french military gear from a base in the southern part of france into the capital of mali. we're told the airlift will go on for at least a week and that cooperation with france could also include intelligence sharing and the refueling of french fighter jets who are staging bombing runs into mali. no combat troops though.
9:13 am
but france is taking care of that. they have got about 2,000 of their troops on the ground, another thousand african troops on the ground, and they're moving against -- successfully so far -- the militants there in that country. back to you, jon. jon: greg talcott, thank you. arthel: a fox news alert, a major development in the quest for the keystone pipeline. the pipeline would carry oil from canada through the united states to the gulf of mexico. environmentalists have fought it for years. the president expected to make a decision on it soon, and now there's news from a key governor. rick with more. >> reporter: this is big, arthel, because the obama administration has used the concerns of lawmakers in nebraska to put the brakes on the keystone xl oil pipeline, and now the governor says he's okay with the project moving forward after the pipeline's operator came up with a new route that bypasses a sensitive area in his state. president obama has defended his controversial decision to stop the pipeline project by saying
9:14 am
that even nebraska's republican governor was opposed to it. now that's no longer the case. supporters of the pipeline have pointed out the number of jobs that it could potentially create. critics have said that it will pose many environmental problems, and now the president has to decide whether to give the project his okay at a time when he used part of his inaugural address yesterday to reach out to environmentalists. and we've just heard from our crack white house team, arthel, sarah courtney, one of our producers there saying that the white house spokesman was asked about this at the briefing today, jay carney referred reporters to the state department which he says is still conducting its own assessment on the project. he says he has no idea what state that assessment is, how far along they are in their work, but something to keep an eye on especially now that the governor of nebraska has given the pipeline his okay. arthel: oh, for sure all eyes are on that. thanks, rick. jon: well, inaugurations and the ceremonies that go with them, we expect the crowds to cheer, but
9:15 am
the reporters too? our news watch panel weighs in. plus, whooping cough, a horrific and sometimes fatal disease when it afflicts a child, it can be hard to watch. why some diseases like whooping cough most people thought had been wiped out are making a comeback and what you need to do to protect your family. ♪ [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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♪ arthel: new concerns about kids who are getting their vaccinations, or they're getting them late or not at all. a new report finding that nearly half of all american babies and toddlers are not getting their shots on time, and if enough don't get them at all, they're putting their schools and communities at risk for a
9:19 am
resurgence of diseases like measles, the whooping cough, you saw that poor video we showed before break. bringing in now dr. richard fur sine, director of comprehensive medicine. is there any truth to this, and what's the fallout if these kids are not getting these vaccines on time or not at all this? >> well, vaccines are one of the greatest medical discoveries of our generation. what vaccines do is they actually trick our body into producing antibodies against some of the most lethal diseases that have ever faced humanity, diseases like smallpox, diphtheria, measles, mumps, very serious conditions which if they are not, you know, if they were allowed to continue or, actually, if there was a resurgence would cause in case of smallpox millions of potential deaths. arthel: so you're telling me because these kids, the parents are opting to wait later or perhaps bypass these vaccinations altogether that we could see these cases of the stuff that we read about that happened, you know, decades ago? >> well, vaccine bs are 90-99%
9:20 am
effective. now, 90% means there are 10% of children with weakened immune systems that even if they get the vaccine, they will not be able to respond. so those children rely on other children to get vaccines and not get those conditions. it's called herding, and what we try to do is make sure as many people get a vaccine so that others who are not able to produce antibodies effectively won't get sick as well. arthel: so, you know, there are a lot -- and i understood what you just told me, but i want to move on to this because there are a lot of parents who are concerned. you hear these stories, although scientists are saying there's no correlation, but they're saying i don't want to overvaccinate my child, it causes other problems like autism. what do you say to that? >> i think the fair discussion of vaccines would be very helpful to let people know the potential risks. there are some minor risks that do cur. one in five children will get a fever. one in twenty children may get a
9:21 am
rash. there are cases in the case of mmr vaccinations, one in 1200 children may actually get a problem with seizures which are mild due to fevers which can occur can, so it does happen. the issue is how rare the serious side effects are, and those occur in the one in millions. so there are occasional rare problems, but those are important or for conversation, but they occur very infrequently. arthel: well, it's a very important topic for a parent. mmr, by the way, meese els, mumps and rubella. doctor, thank you very much. very important topic. jon: well, if you heard the inaugural speech, president obama is starting his second term announcing a battle plan entirely at odds with the republican agenda. one side suggests his real goal is wiping out the republican party. is that true? plus, a cheerleader with a past sues a web site for defamation. it could affect what you see on the internet depending how it
9:22 am
goes. our legal panel weighs in.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
jon: right now president obama is starting his second term by taking direct aim at republicans. his inaugural address lays out a liberal agenda for big government and collective action. he's calling on the country to reject the republican agenda. some republicans claim this progressive liberal issues that he cited in yesterday's speech are part of a strategy designed to divide and destroy the gop. a column in today's "national journathat point saying: every one of these issues fractures republicans. the speech, devoid as it was of olive branches, played into the emerging republican consensus that obama is trying to divide and destroy the gop.
9:26 am
they're right about the division part, though likely mistaken when they impugn a motive to destroy can. let's talk about it with matt schlapp, white house political director under president bush, simon rosenberg is founder of left-leaning political action think tank ndn. matt, to you first. the idea of divide and destroy the gop, what do you think? >> yeah, jon, i actually agree with that. usually when presidents get e reelected, they have this approach in the beginning of the second term that starts with their inaugust lal that they're really going to be the president of all the people, and they're a little defensive. they really want to be the president of every american. instead this seemed much more political, much more aimed at his progressive base. if president obama was a major league pitcher, he just threw a fastball right at the heads of republicans, and this is just the first speech. we've got more speeches to come. my side better get unified fast and figure out what's going on. jon: simon, something tells me
9:27 am
you see this a little differently. [laughter] >> i thought it was a terrific speech. and i know that people have describe canned it as progressive or liberal, but i think it was also very modern. i think that the speech was speaking to the america of today, the challenges that we face today, laying out solutions that are, you know, relevant and germane to the challenges that are in front of us now. and i think the president made it clear, though, that he's going to fight hard for the things that he believes in. i think that's what we expect out of our president in either party, and it's a little surprising to me that the republicans are so surprised. because in many ways this is the inverse of reagan. reagan came in as a very strong president, he fought like heck for the things that he cared about. he's the great leader of the republicans. i think the republicans need to start looking at barack obama as the democratic reagan here. he is going to stick to his guns and fight as hard as he can in the next four years. jon: but, matt, one of the challenges of the day as simon just alluded to has to be the debt and deficit situation in this country. we didn't hear anything about that. >> right.
9:28 am
the other thing is, and i think simon knows in this, reagan carried 49 states and he won in a popular vote landslide. when you win almost every place in the whole country, you can understand having a little confidence coming into your inaugural. this guy won a very close race, especially if you look at the popular vote -- jon: so you don't think this is a watershed moment in american politics, matt? >> i do. jon, here's what i think. i think the obama team and president obama really believes that this country is -- the reagan coalition died and that there's a new coalition. and it's not a center-right country. if anything, it's center-left. and i think he believes that the political axis in the country has changed. i think he's wrong. over the course of the next couple years, we're going to see who's right. jon: he talked about entitlement programs, you know, social security, medicare, medicaid. simon, he suggested that, you know, there's no reason to rein in the spending on those. mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate, got on the floor this morning and said if we don't rein in the debt, nothing else we do matters.
9:29 am
>> well, i don't agree with that. and i think the republicans have really, i think, messed up their own politics by focusing so much on debt and not on growth. and i think they've made a terrible mistake on this. and i think they paid for it in this election, they're going to continue to pay for it. the president made very clear that the central way we have to reduce the deficit over the next few years is by restraining the cost increases in health care. that's where the focus -- that's where he's going to put his focus i think along with defense cuts in terms of on the spending side. but i think this idea he's not interested in it, he's been putting out plan after plan that's going to cut the deficit. the deficit's 40% lower today than it was when he took office. this notion that the democrats don't care about this, it's the republicans who have been driving up the deficit over the last generation. so give me strength. we've got -- the republicans have got to stop pretending that president obama doesn't care about these things. it's simply not true, and it's going to continue to isolate them instead of allow them to do
9:30 am
what matt talked about, which is they've got to make their case. it's time now for paul ryan and other republicans to lay out their alternative and to fight this president better than they have. jon: he talked about green energy and how it is still a panacea. i want to play it and get a real quick thought from each of you. here we go. >> yeah, sure. >> we, the people, still believe that enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war. jon: okay. that, that was, obviously, about winding down the wars in afghanistan and iraq. um, suggesting, i guess, that those republicans who have said it's too soon to leave afghanistan are wrong. what do you think about that, simon? >> well, we don't agree. [laughter] and i think that, you know, look, my -- two of my kids are 7 and 10, they were down on the mall with me yesterday. we've been at war in afghanistan
9:31 am
their entire lives. so this notion that there is war weariness and we have not fought these wars the way we needed to to achieve success i think is a fair criticism by this president of a failed foreign policy of the previous president. jon: matt, you were part of that previous be president's team. i'll give you a shot to address that. >> well, i just think this all plays into the stereotype that obama is risking which is past democrat presidents always risked looking like they were liberal on taxes, on spending, on the budget, and he's falling into this trap including the war on terror where i think this drone program and some of the other programs and his failure to articulate what america's role in the world is and what it's going to do in order to fight for freedom and democracy across the world, president bush spent the majority of his second term, of his inaugural speech beginning his second term discussing these issues, and they don't get as much attention from president obama. and i think they're just as
9:32 am
important as they ever were. jon: well, we have four years to discuss these issues. simon, matt, thank you both. >> thanks, jon. arthel: coming up, a new legal battle for the former nfl cheerleader who had sex with her underaged student. she's suing a web site for violating her privacy. if she wins, it could have a big impact on sites like facebook and youtube. give a couple beginners a great idea, and they won't be beginners for long. they'll go to where they can get the skills, the savings, and the supplies they need - to go from beginning... to doing... to beautifully done. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now this shaker vanity cabinet is a special buy at just one hundred, ninety-nine dollars. call (star star)thd to shop now.
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arthel: all right, listen up, a former cincinnati bengals cheerleader who had sex with her underaged student is about to begin another court battle against a web site. her name is sarah jones, she was convicted three months ago of having sex with a student who at the time was 17. well, now she's suing a gossip web site, and its owner over comments made about her after someone posted a photo of her online in 2009. before she got involved with the teenager. the owner of the web site claims he's protected under the federal communications decency act. the law provides immunity from liability for content that comes from third parties, and his lawyer said that if jones wins, it would open the legal floodgates against other web sites including facebook and youtube. let's go to our panel. now, our legal panel, lis wiehl is a fox news legal analyst, and arthur aidala is a criminal defense attorney and fox news legal analyst. so i'm going to start with you
9:37 am
on this -- >> of course you are, what a shock. a little bonding going on here, folks. arthel: absolutely. so does she have a legal leg to stand on? >> no. the judge should have thrown this out on summary judgment, shouldn't be wasting time going in front of a jury. of course this is covered by the federal communications act. anything that's posted there, as long as it's opinion not a fact -- and all he posted was his opinion -- is completely legal. and the fact then that afterwards three months ago she was convicted of a criminal act, having sex with -- >> irrelevant! >> no. >> irrelevant! arthel: why? >> it happened after the fact. this is a trial about what happened in, let's just say, august. >> 2009. >> all of the facts are about that. what happened in august. if something happens in november, the only relevance is if it goes to her credibility -- >> which, of course, it does. >> -- when she testifies. but it does not go towards or whether she has grounds to bring
9:38 am
the lawsuit. and as esteemed as lis wiehl is, she is not the judge in this case. and the judge in this case -- >> [inaudible] >> correct. >> oh, wait! wait, wait, wait -- >> that's what her point is. [inaudible conversations] >> yes! roll back the tape. i said the judge should never -- >> well, i disagree with you. my point is lis is saying the judge should not allow the case to go forward. >> right. >> fortunately, lis is not the judge. the judge ruled that there is enough evidence to go forward, that it is not a pure -- he is not cloaked in protection. and, you know, it's about time that someone stood up for the little guy who gets trashed on the internet. >> what? the little guy? >> she's the little guy. this is before she ever got in trouble. >> she's a -- >> they put a picture of her up there, and they just ragged on her. she's fat, she's got pimples, she's ugly, she's a jerk. >> arthur, first of all, she's a convicted sex offender -- >> before the fact.
9:39 am
>> second of all, the only opinion he gave is this web site, why are all high school teachers in the freaks in the sack, okay? that's all he said. arthel: okay -- >> it's a question that he posed. arthel: okay. i will say that i don't want someone, i don't care if i'm convicted or otherwise, you don't get to say those disparaging remarks about me and post it online. so what if this lady wins, arthur, does this set a precedent for other cases like this? >> i hope it sets the precedent that people should think before they reach that keyboard. they should think about what they're going to say and the ramifications of what they say, because lis and i have covered cases where because of what people have put online, little girls have killed themselves. >> this is very different from that. i know exactly the kind of case you're talking about. this is so different. here now she is trying to use that one sentence to claim that an $11 million lawsuit -- [inaudible conversations] >> come on. arthel: just for a second, and i
9:40 am
see your argument about the lawsuit itself, this $11 million, but that aside, i mean, honestly, i'm kind of with arthur on this one in terms of -- i'm sorry. i love you, lis. my good friend off camera, but, seriously, anybody can post anything they want and just get away with it? i mean, i know there's freedom of speech. >> freedom of speech, first amendment. >> where's the line? >> it's horrible, and it's rotten, and when it comes to this decency act, there is definitely immunity for all the web sites otherwise they all will be closed down. there will be an 11, 12, $100 million lawsuit. >> you've covered a hundred -- >> but that's not what's happened here. she's claiming damages -- [inaudible conversations] >> there's got to be -- everyone needs to be shaken up a little bit. >> not the case to do it. >> when you are speeding and you see someone else got pulled over speeding, what do you do? you slow down. you slow down. >> i would agree with you the other cases we're referring to,
9:41 am
yes. the megyns case, absolutely. criminal charge against these women who posted these things, absolutely. but here you've got a convicted sex offender. no jury in the world is going to like this woman. >> not if i'm representing -- not if it's full of -- arthel: lis wiehl gets the last word on that. lis, you're my bff off camera, but i'm on arthur's side -- >> i gave her $20. >> make it 30 more, make it $50. [laughter] arthel: jon? jon: and it's only tuesday. wait until you see how excited arthur gets by friday. [laughter] phil mickelson tees off on a big concern for many folks what the golf superstar said that is getting all kinds of reaction. plus, caught on tape, a frightening scene b when an unconscious woman tumbles into the path of a subway train. luck was on her side. b
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
♪ jon: a scary scene in spain when a woman falls onto the subway tracks in madrid. police say she fainted before falling head first as a train rapidly approached. lucky for her, an off-duty police officer jumped onto the tracks and pulled her to safety. other passengers waving their arms at the driver to try to get him to stop the train. the woman, we're told, was given first aid by a doctor who was also waiting there on the platform. wow. arthel: unbelievable. well, today marks 40 years since the supreme court's landmark ruling on roe v. wade. the 7-2 decision declared laws prohibiting abortion violated women's constitutional rights. you can see there's little fluctuation in the number of abortions from 2005 to 2009 which is the last year complete records were reported. well, now there is a new reality series that's documenting what it is like for women after they
9:46 am
undergo an abortion. lauren green is here with the latest on this story. >> reporter: hey, arthel. it's a different approach to the ever-increasing political visit roll around the abortion event as roe v. wade, as you said, turns 40. it's the first-ever reality show about women who are part of a bible study trying to recover from the guilt they feel after having an abortion. >> women are petrified and ashamed and scared that their secret will come out. >> reporter: each of these five women hope the christian message of redemption and forgiveness will help heal emotional wounds from abortion. it's a ten-of part series areaing on -- airing online in connection with the decision of roe v. wade that legalized abortion. >> i think ultimately i would like to convince women to make a different choice. but again, if a woman is going to make that chase, make it fully informed and know that there's going to be a consequence to it.
9:47 am
there's a price that is paid x it's huge. >> reporter: the women's stories are different, but they share similar feelings of regret about their decision to end the pregnancy. >> it just opens up so many wounds for yourself and for women that you may not even know that automatically get defensive about it. >> reporter: all but one now has children. jane delaney says she made a conscious decision not to give birth to a child. >> this is like a self-preservation kind of thing because i felt i didn't deserve happiness, i didn't deserve to have any more children, and all that changed when i went through the first bible study. >> reporter: well, the series is the first offering of a new christian production company called not tv. the producers hope to repeat the project in the another city next season. arthel? arthel: very interesting story. woe, i mean -- boy, okay. thank you. i'm going to leave it at that, thank you. >> reporter: sure. jon: well, an adoring crowd was cheering for president obama during yesterday's inauguration
9:48 am
festivities, and among those cheering, members of the mainstream media. is that appropriate? our news watch panel takes up that topic straight ahead. plus, a new snapshot of the housing market, how washington is holding back sales and maybe even profits. my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart.
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a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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♪ jon: inaugurations, the ceremony, pomp and circumstance, it can be exciting regardless of your political views. but how appropriate is it for members of the media to act as cheerleaders for the incoming president? across the dial we were treated to scenes like cnn's jim acosta telling wolf blitzer, quote, you know, i feel like i should pinch myself right now. or nbc's al roker shouting and whooping it up for the president
9:52 am
and vice president like he was at a mardi gras parade. he finally did get a handshake from the vice president. and if that's not enough for you, consider this from cnn's tom foreman, he concedes he has written president obama a letter for every single day of his presidency, some 1400 altogether. let's talk about it with ellen rattner, bureau chief for talk radio's view service and contributing editor and writer jim pinkerton. ellen, does any of this seem over the top to you? the. >> first of all, i don't think press should be clapping or anything else at any kind of political event. on the other hand, this was a great day for americans, and it doesn't really matter whether it was president bush or ip august rated, you know, i sat there, and i said we really do have a peaceful transfer of power. and that is something to really be celebrated. so were they celebrating this president or were they celebrating the whole event? that's a very distinct difference.
9:53 am
jon: we're going to get to treatment of president bush in a minute, but let's talk about it, jim. i mean, talking about this is sort of equivalent to the thrill going up chris matthews leg four years ago. >> you mean when he said that he compared the president's speech to the gettysburg address, which is probably the greatest piece of presidential oratory in american history, and so this is now up there in that category? yeah, i would put that in the thrill up my leg category. i'd also say it's a tiny little indicator of the romance the media feel -- the headlines of "the new york times" talks about climate change and gay rights, two of the media's favorite issues. but last night on abc david mueller said, you know, we think the national parks services, there might be 7 or 800,000 people here, but we talked to the obama inaugural committee, and they told us there are one million. as you know, the issue of how many people show up for many
9:54 am
events, left or right, is one of those hotly-contested issues. everybody fights to make the number bigger. almost every other time reporters would say, listen, we don't take anybody's estimate, but they then took the obama campaign's inaugural committee's estimates one million people, oh, that's more to cheer about, more to love. >> yes, but, jim, today stated that it was of from the obama inaugural committee. they didn't say this is our estimation. they credited it, and then people can do what they want to with it. >> i'm telling you, eight years ago they would not -- it was a great day or for america, but eight years ago they're not giving the bush inaugural committee credit for anything. i can tell you, i was there. jon: they were giving the committee trouble for spending money, and i want to replay this editorial from "the new york times" back for president bush's second inaugural. they were criticizing him for spending money at a time when our troops were at war in iraq and afghanistan. it said the $40 million record
9:55 am
for inaugural partying set four years ago for mr. bush is expected to be shattered this month. ordinary citizens might have hoped the overriding issue this washington, the iraq war with its drain on the nation's blood and treasure, would dictate restatement. but plans for the four-day extravaganza roll forward with nine celebratory balls being underwritten by the usual fat catsuply cants in the political power mill. that was what "the new york times" wrote about president bush's second inaugural. now flash forward to what the times wrote about president obama's second inaugural. president obama's inaugural committee is at least $10 million short of its $50 million fundraising goal. officials have told top donors with just over a week before mr. obama is sworn in for his second term, the administration has planned a more modest array of events this time around reflecting a less jubilant public mood than four years ago andty might bished demand among obama supporters. why is it okay for president
9:56 am
obama to spend 50 million while president bush gets criticized for a $40 million inauguration, ellen? you want to take that on? >> well, first of all, yeah, there is inflation. but secondly, no, i mean, i think the media should have been fairer on that. i actually think there shouldn't be second inaugurations. he got sworn in at the white house, that's find. we have hurricane sandy to worry about. i'm not in favor of anything. but given that, i think the media should have been fair. you can't get me on that one. jim? [laughter] jon: all right. jim? >> well, i would just say this, that, for example, the way they treated mrs. obama's clothing and the clothing of the girls and stuff, they then talked about what a great deal this is, and this is abc again last night about how wonderful it is these fashion deciphers will get rich -- designers will get rich. it was exactly the kind of thing they wouldn't have done for laura bush, barbara bush or nancy reagan -- >> whoa, whoa, nancy reagan they
9:57 am
would have done it. >> everything she does is wonderful, and it's incredibly expensive, all the better because that's just good for jobs and the economy and some fashion designer who's lifted from obscurity. that is biased, and even you, ellen, you admit it. >> well -- jon: some differences in the ways the two parties' candidates or presidents get covered. we're going to have to leave it there. jim, ellen, thank you both. >> thank you. arthel: for the record, i wore these nine years ago. jon: the bangs? you're not copying the first lady? >> i'll give it up to her, she looks beautiful. coming up, an interesting way to get dog owners -- oh, goodness, good deal -- to clean up after their pooches. some say it's like 1984. ing ban] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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